Getting Started with Unity 2018 – Third Edition: A Beginner’s Guide to 2D and 3D game development with Unity

Learn how to use Unity 2018 by creating your very own 3D game while developing your essential skillsKey FeaturesLearn to create immersive 3D games and Virtual Reality experiences with Unity 2018Build custom scripts to make your game characters interactiveExplore and implement AritificiaI Intelligence techniques to bring your game to lifeBook DescriptionThe Unity game engine has revolutionized the gaming industry with its complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows, which can be used to create interactive 3D content. With Unity, you can scaffold your way from the basics and make make stunning interactive games. This book will guide you through the entire process of creating a 3D game, from downloading the Unity game engine to publishing your game. It not only gives you a strong foundation, but puts you on the path to game development. Beginning with an overview of the Unity engine and its interface, you will walk through the process of creating a game environment and learn how to use built-in assets, as well as assets created with third-party 3D modeling tools such as Blender. Moving on, you will create custom scripts to control non-player character behaviors and gameplay. You will master exciting concepts such as Heads-Up-Displays, mini-maps, game navigation, sound effects, and lighting effects. Next, you'll learn how to create your first VR experience, right from setting up the project to image effects. You'll be familiarized with all the tools that Unity has to offer to create your own immersive VR experiences. Each section is a stepping stone toward the completion of the final game. By the end of the book, you'll have learned advanced topics such as cross-platform considerations which enable your games to run on multiple platforms.What you will learnSet up your Unity development environment and navigate its toolsImport and use custom assets and asset packages to add characters to your gameBuild a 3D game world with a custom terrain, water, sky, mountains, and treesAnimate game characters, using animation controllers, and scriptingApply audio and particle effects to the gameCreate intuitive game menus and interface elementsCustomize your game with sound effects, shadows, lighting effects, and rendering optionsDebug code and provide smooth error handlingWho This Book Is ForIf you are an aspiring game developer interested in learning Unity 2018 and becoming familiar with its core features, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Unity is required.Table of ContentsDownloading and Installing UnityThe Unity InterfaceDesigning the GameCreating our TerrainLights, Cameras, and ShadowsCreating and Importing 3D Objects for our GameImplementing our Player CharacterImplementing our Non-Player CharactersAdding a Heads-Up DisplayScripting our Points SystemScripting Victory and DefeatAdding Audio and Visual Effects to our GameOptimizing our Game for DeploymentFirst steps in Virtual Reality

Author: Dr. Edward Lavieri

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