Getting started with Unity 2D Game Development – Second Edition

Key FeaturesLearn to build exciting 2D Games using Unity's robust set of tools,Get to know the new Unity UI system and learn all about cameras, animation, movement, and moreEnable yourself to structure and manage a Unity project from beginning to end, by tapping into the wisdom and experience of seasoned game development veteransBook DescriptionPrepare yourself to travel back to the 90s and build a game like they used to make, using today's technology. That's right—we're talking about making 2D games using Unity!This book will help you build 2D games in Unity using the engine's 2D technologies based on Version 5.x. You'll learn the basics of importing assets and building foundation technology all the way up to full combat and boss battles! With the book's straightforward and practical approach, each chapter takes you a step closer to the final game. We will wrap things up by creating a dynamic gameplay, using algorithms to spawn enemies and organize them.Once you reach the end and have integrated a final battle, you can go back to the challenges included in each chapter and use them to improve the game and your 2D game development skills!What you will learnBuild a 2D game using Unity 5.x’s native 2D technologiesSet up and import assets for 2D game developmentCreate a script that works in the 2D spaceDesign the development and deployment of state systems for object managementUse C# events and delegates to pass information between objectsCreate a menu to handle the interaction with the playerAbout the AuthorFrancesco Sapio obtained his computer science and control engineering degree from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, with a couple of semesters in advance, scoring summa cum laude. Now he is studying a Master of Science and Engineering degree in artificial intelligence and robotics.Besides this, he is a Unity3D expert and skilled game designer, as well as an experienced user of the major graphics programs.Recently, he was a reviewer for Unity Game Development Scripting, Packt Publishing.Francesco is also a musician and composer, especially of soundtracks for short films and video games. For several years, he worked as an actor and dancer. He was a guest of honor at the theatre Brancaccio in Rome.In addition, he is a very active person, having volunteered as a children's entertainer at the Associazione Culturale Torraccia in Rome. Also, he gives private lessons in mathematics and music to high-school and university students.Finally, Francesco loves math, philosophy, logic, and puzzle solving, but most of all, creating video games—thanks to his passion for game designing and programming.You can find him at

Author: Tim Barber

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