Hands-On Neural Network Programming with C# : Code and train neural networks using C# to make enterprise applications smarter

Unleash the power of neural networks by implementing C# and .Net codesKey FeaturesExplore neural networks and obtain access to various machine learning and deep learning librariesDiscover real-world case studies illustrating several neural network techniques and architecturesUnderstand cutting-edge coverage of Deep Feedforward Networks, optimization algorithms, and convolutional networksBook DescriptionNeural networks have made a surprising comeback in the last few years and brought tremendous innovation in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Hands-On Neural Network Programming with C# takes you on a practical journey, covering topics right from the mathematical perspective of neural networks to building your own deep neural networks in your applications with C# and .NET framework.To start with, this book gives you a quick refresher on neural networks. The goal, however, is to provide C# programmers with practical guidance in solving complex computational challenges using neural networks and C# libraries such as Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) and TensorFlowSharp. You’ll learn to build a neural network from scratch using Encog, AForge, and Accord, along with exploring various concepts and techniques such as Deep Feedforward Networks, perceptrons, optimization algorithms, and sequence modeling. In the concluding chapters, you’ll understand ways to add intelligent features to your .NET apps, such as facial and motion detection, object detection and labeling, and language understanding.By the end of this book, you will have worked on interesting demonstrations that make implementing complex neural networks in your enterprise applications easier.What you will learnUnderstand what perceptron is and implement it in C#Train and visualize a neural network using Cognitive ServicesPerform image recognition for detecting and labeling objects using C# and TensorFlowSharpDetect specific image characteristics such as a face using Accord.NETExplore particle swarm optimization using simple XOR problem and EncogTrain convolutional neural networks (CNN) using ConvNetSharpFind optimal parameters for your neural network functions using numeric and heuristic optimization techniquesWho This Book Is ForHands-On Neural Network Programming with C# is for machine learning engineers, software engineers, deep learning aspirants, and entry-level data scientists who want to code and train neural networks for making their enterprise applications smarter and intelligent. Prior knowledge of statistics will aid understanding the concepts of this book.About the AuthorMatt R. Cole is a seasoned developer and author with 30 years’ experience in Microsoft Windows, C, C++, C# and .Net. Matt is the owner of Evolved AI Solutions, a premier provider of advanced Machine Learning/Bio-AI technologies. Matt developed the first enterprise grade MicroService framework written completely in C# and .Net, which is used in production by a major hedge fund in NYC. Matt also developed the first Bio Artificial Intelligence framework which completely integrates mirror and canonical neurons. He continues to push the limits of Machine Learning, Biological Artificial Intelligence, Genetic and Quantum computing. In his spare time Matt continues his education taking every available on-line course in advanced mathematics, Machine Learning, Quantum Mechanics/Physics, String Theory and Computational Neuroscience. He credits his wife with being the most supportive spouse in the universe!

Author: Matt R. Cole

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