Hands-On TypeScript for C# and .NET Developers: Write applications with ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, and Angular moving from C# to TypeScript

Discover how TypeScript with its object-oriented capabilities and with third-party tools like Angular and Web APIs allows you to build modern client-rich applicationsKey FeaturesMake a seamless transition to using TypeScript in your development stackWork with TypeScript in your Asp.net Core projects to build, easy to maintain, client rich applicationsBuild applications based on TypeScript and Angular on the client side and on Asp.net core Web API on the server sideBook DescriptionWhen it comes to writing a clean, object-oriented code in JavaScript, it gets trickier and complex as the size of the project grows. This is where a Typescript comes into a picture with which you can write pure object-oriented code without any hustle. This gives Typescript an upper hand over JavaScript. This book starts by introducing TypeScript basic concepts by modifying gradually standard JavaScript code, which makes it easy for C# Asp.NET developers who are aiming for a transition to learning TypeScript, which they can now add to their development toolkit.Then it moves toward object programming concepts like classes, interfaces, and generics focusing on their relations and similarities with both ES6 and C#. It then goes further to explain how to organize and package large code bases with namespaces, or modules and WebPack bundler. All concepts are accompanied by practical examples of both Asp.net Core projects and reusable TypeScript libraries. Finally, the book shows advanced features that TypeScript inherits from either ES6, or C#, or both of them, such as Symbols, Iterables and Generators, Promises and the await/async pattern, decorators and metadata.In the last part of the book, all TypeScript concepts learned so far lead you to an easy understanding of the Angular framework. At this point you should feel comfortable with the way modules, components and services are defined and used in Angular, and with all features included in the Angular/Asp.net Core Visual Studio project template.What you will learnHow to organize test, and package large TypeScript code basesHow to add TypeScript to existing projects with the help of publicly available TypeScript declaration filesHow to perform DOM manipulation from TypeScriptDevelop an Angular project with Visual Studio Angular project templateHow to define and use Inheritance, abstract classes, and methodsHow to take advantage of TypeScript “more permissive” type compatibility rules.How to use WebPack to bundle other resources such as CSS files and images to improve performanceHow to perform advanced customization techniques by learning how to build custom directives and attributes, and how to use animationsWho This Book Is ForThe book will appeal to C# and .NET developers who are looking for an easy transition to learning TypeScript, which they can now add to their development toolkit.About the AuthorAuthor of the Mvc Controls Toolkit and Microsoft MVP, Francesco Abbruzzese, contributed to the diffusion and evangelization of the Microsoft Web stack since the first version of Asp.net Mvc with tutorials, articles, and tools.He writes about .NET technologies in his blog,.dotnet-programming, and various on line magazines/blogs. He worked as a consultant for .Net technologies since the first .Net version. Now his company .mvc-controls. implements web applications, and offers tools, courses and services for the Microsoft web stack.He moved from artificial intelligence systems where he implemented one of the first decision support system for banks and financial institutions, to the Video Games arena with top-ten title like “Puma Street Soccer”, and finally started his .NET adventure.

Author: Francesco Abbruzzese

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