How to Write a Bulk Emails Application in VB.NET and MySQL: Step By Step Fully Working Program

Why am I writing this book? When I start writing programs and market them, I had a problem on finding an easy way to solve my problems, I found a lot of documents and articles talking about different subjects and I have to go through all of them to find what I'm looking for, I was always asking the same question, and I guess a lot of you, are doing the same: why they don't just give an example so people can try it, see how it works and this is how we get better. In this book we will learn how to develop a program from A to Z, I will try to guide you step by step. For sure, all codes here could be better optimized but this is not the goal of this book, the goal is to put on hands a fully working example. I found once this article on the internet, it inspires me a lot and I guess it resumes the final aim of this book, the author says: "I think human beings in general are great innovators, but only after a period of copying first. Essentially, the "great copying" period is necessary to build a foundation of knowledge and resources, innovation just doesn't come from out of nowhere, all by itself. You don't get to build a skyscraper if you don't have the steel, glass and concrete needed to actually make the thing"

Author: Lotfi Ferchichi

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