iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook – More than 100 Recipes, Solutions, and Strategies for Simpler iOS Development

Key Features Explore the new features of Xamarin and learn how to use them Step-by-step recipes give you everything you need to get developing with Xamarin Full of useful tips and best practices on creating iOS applications Book DescriptionThis book will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be part of the mobile development era, using C#. Covering a wide range of recipes such as creating a simple application and using device features effectively, it will be your companion to the complete application development cycle. Starting from installing the necessary tools, you will be guided step-by-step on everything you need to develop an application ready to be deployed. You will learn the best practices for interacting with the device hardware, such as the GPS, compass, and the accelerometer. Furthermore, you will be able to manage multimedia resources such as photos and videos captured with the device camera, and much more! What you will learn Install and use Xamarin.iOS with Xamarin Studio Design an application's User Interface with Xcode Explore the key concepts and effective usage instructions of iOS UI elements Capture and manage multimedia resources using the device's camera and microphone Use the accelerometer to capture and respond to device motion Create location-aware applications using the built-in GPS, compass, and mapping features Effectively use multitasking features to provide a user-friendly experience Discover and explore new iOS 7 features About the Author Dimitris Tavlikos is a freelance software developer living in Greece. With over 10 years of professional experience as a programmer, he specializes in mobile development with clients all over the world. Dimitris has a passion for programming, and has recently been awarded the Xamarin MVP designation for his work. Table of Contents Development Tools User Interface – Views User Interface – View Controllers Data Management Displaying Data Web Services Multimedia Resources Integrating Ios Features Interacting with Device Hardware Location Services and Maps Graphics and Animation Multitasking Localization Deploying Advanced Features

Author: Dimitris Tavlikos

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