JavaScript for .NET Developers

Key FeaturesLearn how to integrate JavaScript in to your real-world ASP.NET MVC applicationsDeal with the separation of concerns between what C# should be handling and what JavaScript is best atLeverage your existing MVC paradigm knowledge on to the front-end.This is the only dedicated resource on the market to help NET developers learn JavaScriptBook DescriptionJavaScript can be used quite heavily in ASP.NET applications; mostly when the developer wants to increase the responsiveness of the website to improve the UX. SPAs have only become more prevalent due to more modern approaches and client side frameworks. All of this requires at least a working knowledge of JavaScript, a pretty decent understanding of MVC implementation on the client side and its interactions with your ASP.NET application on the server-side, and how to actually code the thing.There has been a huge resource shift from server-side operations to the client as evergreen browsers mean that every user is seeing the same content every time, and this book will show you how to ride the wave of this sea-change in web development.This book will give developers the foundation they need to start writing powerful applications in JavaScript. We'll start off with an introduction to JavaScript, and explore the basics. We'll then show you JavaScript in the context of ASP.NET MVC 6 applications, and how it can be used to optimize web applications. Gradually, we'll teach you how to develop a sample ASP.NET application using Angular 2 with TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript) and Web API. We will further get you acquainted with the various Ajax techniques to develop responsive applications.The book will finish off with a brief tour of NodeJS and will show you various techniques to test and debug various JavaScript Libraries in Visual Studio.What you will learnGet to grips with the basic to advanced concepts of JavaScriptDevelop web applications in ASP.NET using JavaScriptGet to know with industry-wide best practices and design patterns that provide maintainability and scalabilityBuild an ASP.NET application using Angular 2 with TypeScript and Web APIExplore WinJS and see how to use mobile capabilities from web applicationsUse JavaScript to develop scalable ASP.NET applicationsSee how to test and debug JavaScriptAbout the AuthorOvais Mehboob Ahmed Khan has more than 12 years of professional experience in software development. He is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies and specialized mainly on Microsoft NET and web development technologies. He has authored numerous technical articles on different websites and based on his quality contributions he was awarded DZone MVB in 2011. He is an active speaker and presented many technical sessions on different user group events and conferences organized by Microsoft MEA. He is passionate about technology and always explore new tools and technologies on different platforms.

Author: Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan

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