Learn C# in 1 Day: Complete C# Guide with Examples

This book is all about getting you started fast without the need to spend days or even weeks on trying to understand Csharp. This e-book eliminates the common fear of long and complex code that beginners usually face. It has picked some best illustration that is difficult to find anywhere at this price. After reading this book, you will find yourself playing with code on very same day.Exploring yourself to .NET technology is an additional benefit of this book. Readers would prefer using this small e-book as a reference guide to all basic fundamentals of C#; they are all nicely explained. Your prejudice towards coding will no longer be same after going through this e-book.C# is an object-oriented programming language based on C++. It is considered similar to Java, but some of its features are novel and not even found in Java. These includes nullable value types, enumerations, delegates, lambda expression, etc. These powerful features are very useful in building robust applications. If you are not in a position to attend a full-time course to learn these features. This e-book is a complete guide that covered key learning of CsharpTable Of ContentChapter 1: What is .NET Framework?What is Microsoft .Net Framework?.Net Framework Architecture.NET Components.Net Framework Design PrincipleChapter 2: C# and .Net Version History.Net Framework Version HistoryC# Version HistoryChapter 3: Download and Install Visual StudioHow to Download and Install Visual StudioVisual Studio Key FeaturesChapter 4: C# Hello worldChapter 5: C# Data TypesChapter 6: C# EnumChapter 7: C# Variables operatorC# VariablesC# OperatorsChapter 8: C# Conditional StatementsFlow Control and conditional statements1) If statement2) Switch statement3) While loop4) For loopChapter 9: C# ArraysChapter 10: C# Class and ObjectWhat is Class and Object?How to Create a Class and ObjectFields and methodsChapter 11: C# Access Modifiers and ConstructorAccess ModifiersC# ConstructorChapter 12: C# Inheritance and PolymorphismWhat is Inheritance in C#?What is Polymorphismin C#?Chapter 13: C# Abstract classesChapter 14: C# InterfaceChapter 15: C# CollectionsChapter 16: C# ArrayListChapter 17: C# StackChapter 18: C# QueueChapter 19: C# HashtableChapter 20: C# Windows Forms ApplicationWindows Forms BasicsC# Hello WorldAdding Controls to a formC# Event Handling for ControlsTree and PictureBox ControlChapter 21: C# Database Connection TutorialFundamentals of Database connectivityHow to connect C# to DatabaseAccess data with the SqlDataReaderC# Insert Into DatabaseC# Update DatabaseDeleting RecordsConnecting Controls to DataC# DataGridViewChapter 22: C# File OperationsBasics I/O CommandsFile.ExistsFile.ReadAlllinesFile.ReadAllTextFile.CopyFile.DeleteChapter 23: C# StreamChapter 24: C# SerializationChapter 25: Coded UI Test Automation Framework Tutorial

Author: Krishna Rungta

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