Learn Computing Fundamentals in Microsoft Excel, Access, Visual Studio and Webmatrix

Learn computing fundamentals in Microsoft Excel, Access, Visual Studio and Webmatrix is ideal for mainly anyone interested in computing and for those students studying a business/computer related course with ambitions of becoming an Administrator, Software Developer or Web Developer. The book is packed full of knowledge, and is designed to springboard your computer studies dramatically, by teaching you 'How to' concisely and effectively. The topics covered have been selectively chosen. You will learn what can be done dynamically in these packages, from Excel and the use of data forms and macros to creating your own professional web site in Webmatrix. You will learn a greater understanding of these packages and how they can work together. The methodical way that this book explains the fundamentals in these core software packages will provide the learner with a solid platform to further explore computer sciences and achieve his or her potential.

Author: Mark Taylor

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