Learning C# By Developing Games with Unity 2017 – Third Edition

Key FeaturesLearn C# coding while developing fun and interactive games with Unity 2017Use the latest functional capabilities of C# to improve your overall game performanceCreate a 2D game, then learn how to transform into 3DBook DescriptionDo you want to learn C# programming by creating fun and interactive games using the latest Unity 2017 platform? If so, this is the right book for you.This book will get you started with programming C# so you can create 2D and 3D games in Unity.You will start with the basics to get you started with C# 7 and its latest features. Then you will see how to use C# 7 and its latest functional programming capabilities to create amazing games with Unity 2017.You will create your first C# script for Unity, add objects into it and learn how to create game elements with them. You will work with the latest functional programming features of C# and how to leverage them for great game scripting.Throughout the book, you will learn to use the new Unity 2017 2D tool set and create an interactive 2D game with it. You will make enemies appear to challenge your player, and go through some optimization techniques for great game performance. At the end, your 2D game will be transformed into 3D, and you will be able to skill up to become a pro C# programmer with Unity 2017!What you will learnCreate your first 2D and 3D games in UnityUnderstand the fundamentals of variables, methods, and code syntax in C#Use loops and collections efficiently in Unity to reduce the amount of codeDevelop a game using the object-oriented programming principlesImplement simple enemy characters into the game to learn point to point movement and Tree behaviorsAvoid performance mistakes by implementing different optimization techniquesExport 3D models and 3D animations and import them inside a Unity projectAbout the AuthorMicael DaGraca is a game designer and AR/VR developer living in Porto, Portugal. He has worked for multiple game studios, contributing to the creation of different indie games and interactive apps. Micael grew up playing video games, and that passion never went away. So, later on in his life, he decided to learn how to create games. Without any previous knowledge in coding or 3D animation, he slowly started to create simple games, learning each time more with those experiences. When the games started to work and the gameplay became enjoyable, he started to make plans to publish a game in collaboration with an old friend. Micael was responsible for the technical aspect of the game, making sure that the game worked as planned, while his friend created all the artwork for the game. Finally, the game was published, and it received some positive feedback from other indie game developers. Since the game generated some revenue, the dream of becoming a game designer turned into reality. Today, Micael works for other studios, helping others to develop their game ideas, and has also integrated into a company that focuses on the creation of interactive apps for health and well-being purposes. Even though he doesn't have the time to keep working on personal projects, he has a few frozen game projects that are still under development with the help of his friend.

Author: Micael DaGraca

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