Lessons in Licensing: SQL Server 2016

This book is a complete training course on the licensing of SQL Server 2016. If you want a good, solid understanding of the licensing then you should work through Part 1 of the book which teaches you about licensing SQL Server 2016 in physical and virtual infrastructures, as well as other important topics such as licensing for high availability and upgrade and downgrade rights. There are regular Course Work sections throughout so that you can check your understanding, and at the end of Part 1 you can take an online exam and download a Certificate of Achievement if you pass. Part 2 is aimed at learners who want to become an expert in SQL Server 2016 licensing and covers topics such as the licensing of Parallel Data Warehouse and Developer editions, advanced core licensing scenarios, SQL Server as an infrastructure product, and how to license SQL Server in the cloud. Again, there are Course Work sections and a further exam to take to demonstrate competence in these advanced areas.

Author: Louise Ulrick

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