LINQ Programming

Take your LINQ programming skills to the top tierResolve data format impedance mismatch with guidance from a C# expert and Microsoft MVP. LINQ Programming details cutting-edge techniques to effectively assimilate XML, SQL, ADO.NET, and unstructured data sources. Build powerful LINQ queries, handle hierarchical and relational data, use lambdas and expression trees, and develop multi-threaded applications. Get proven strategies for handling conflicts and exceptions and creating custom extension methods. Additionally, you'll learn how to create your own LINQ provider through a working example, LINQ to Twitter.Filter, order, and group code using LINQ to ObjectsQuery relational and unstructured data with LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML Work with ADO.NET through LINQ to DataSetDeploy object-oriented programming techniques and LINQ to Entities Read, manipulate, and create C#-based XML documentsGenerate DBML and external mapping files with SqlMetalCreate custom lambdas, expressions, providers, and extensionsSupport concurrent processing and multi-threading using PLINQBuild a custom LINQ provider for working with any data source

Author: Joe Mayo

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