Mastering ASP.Net with Visual C#

In recent years, creating dynamic, server-side web applications has become the most vital part of web development. Now, thanks to ASP.NET and Visual C#, you can build cleaner, more powerful web applications, and you can do it more quickly than ever before. Mastering ASP.NET with C# is an essential guide to harnessing the power of the .NET Framework to develop and consume Web Services of all kinds. This book is packed with the skills you need to get started creating ASP.NET applications, including using Web Forms, connecting to databases with ADO.NET, and working with XML. Coverage Includes: * Using the ASP.NET intrinsic objects * Employing the ASP.NET Server controls * Using HTML controls * Saving state data with cookies * Uploading files * Sending email * Retrieving and displaying data from databases * Building User and Composite controls * Building custom controls * Managing multiple ASP.NET configuration files * Building a custom configuration section handler * Creating Web Services * Consuming Web Services from Web Forms, Windows Forms, and COM applications

Author: A. Russell Jones

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