Mastering C# (C Sharp Programming): A Step by Step Guide for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User, Including Projects and Exercises

While other books only cover the basics, this guide covers C Sharp in such detail that anyone can learn from this book. Contents: IntroductionPart 1: Beginner Guide.NET FrameworkInstalling Visual StudioCompiling and Running Your ProjectC# CommentsC# KeywordsVariablesBasic MathUser InputMath Part 2Decision MakingSwitch StatementsLoopingArraysEnumerationsPart 2: Intermediate GuideMethodsClasses Part 1Stack vs. HeapGarbage CollectionClasses Part 2PropertiesStructsInheritancePolymorphism, Virtual Methods, and Abstract ClassesInterfacesGenerics: Part 1Generics: Part 2Part 3: Advanced GuideFile I/OError Handling: ExceptionsDelegatesEventsThreadingOperator OverloadingIndexersUser-Defined ConversionsExtension MethodsQuick QuizPart 4: More Advanced SectionC# ReflectionAnonymous FunctionsAsynchronous ProgrammingLINQParallel Class and PLINQUnderstanding PLINQ SpeedupQuery Operators and OrderingUsing Unsafe CodeAn Introduction to Windows FormsConclusionAnswers

Author: Michael B. White

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