Mastering Oracle GoldenGate

Master Oracle GoldenGate technology on multiple database platforms using this step-by-step implementation guide. Learn about advanced features to use in building a robust, high-availability replication system. Provided are detailed illustration of Oracle GoldenGate concepts, GoldenGate tools and add-ons, as well as illustrative examples. The book covers Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle database, and also discusses setup and configuration for other common databases such as IBM DB2, SYBASE ASE, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.The technology landscape is fast-changing, and Mastering Oracle GoldenGate stays current by covering the new features included in Oracle GoldenGate 12c. The book covers both classic capture and integrated capture, as well as delivery. Also covered are Oracle GoldenGate security and performance tuning, to keep your system secure and performing at its best. You will learn to monitor your GoldenGate system using tools that come with Oracle GoldenGate management pack, as well as using shell scripts. Troubleshooting is well-illustrated with examples:Covering Oracle GoldenGate technology across common database brandsDiscussing high-performing and secure replication environmentsSpeaking to replication in Big Data and cloud computing environments What You Will LearnImplement Oracle GoldenGate for real time replicationSecure and tune your replication environment for high performanceAdminister your Oracle GoldenGate environmentLearn troubleshooting approaches with help of examplesMake use of GoldenGate Management Pack and its APIFeed live data into Big Data and cloud-based systemsWho This Book Is ForDatabase professionals who have chosen to ride the Oracle GoldenGate roller coaster for real-time replication solutions. The book is for beginners as well as professionals who are willing to master the leading replication technology in the industry. It is an excellent choice for professionals who are implementing or maintaining Oracle GoldenGate replication environments on any of the major database management system platforms.

Author: Ravinder Gupta

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