Mastering Unity 2D Game Development – Second Edition

Key FeaturesExplore the new features of Unity 5 and recognize obsolete code and elements.Develop and build a complete 2D retro RPG with a conversation system, inventory, random map battles, full game menus, and sound.This book demonstrates how to use the new Unity UI system effectively through detailed C# scripts with full explanations.Book DescriptionThe inclusion of 2D support in Unity has brought 2D games back to the forefront of the gaming industry, with indie game developers and hobbyists finding 2D creation and development easier than ever.This book will help you master the 2D features available in Unity 5 by walking you through the full development of a retro 2D RPG. You will see by example how to work with 2D art assets, create C# scripts, develop animations, and implement Unity’s new and improved UI tools. You will learn how to program, develop, and animate a conversation system, a battle system, and an inventory system all using the new and improved Unity UI and 2D animation tools.After completing this book, you will have the knowledge necessary to develop, build, deploy, and sell 2D games of any genre!What you will learnWork with 2D sprite assets from importing and animation to physics and programming.Write beginner to advanced level C# code using MonoDevelop.Create a 2D game in Unity 5 by developing a complete retro 2D RPG.Implement the new UI system effectively and beautifully.Publish, monetize, and advertise a game on multiple platforms.About the AuthorAshley Godbold is a programmer, game designer, artist, mathematician, and teacher. She holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and game art and design and a master’s degree in mathematics. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in computer science with her dissertation research focusing on educational video game design. She is currently the lead game and application development instructor at Minnesota School of Business Richfield, and teaches game art and programming classes covering topics in Unity (C#), Autodesk 3ds Max, and Adobe Flash (AS3) as well as various levels of mathematics courses. She also runs a small indie/passion studio, Mouse Potato Games, which has released a few mobile games with more in the works.Ashley has taken a special interest in the Unity platform, admiring it as a powerful tool of video game expression and made herself an expert in the software for both the sake of her students, and as her personal development projects. When she is not teaching or studying, she finds time to crochet and raise a four-year-old daughter.You can find her on LinkedIn at

Author: Ashley Godbold

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