Mastering Unity UI Development: All you need to superpower your games with great user interfaces

Master Unity's UI system by creating captivating user interface components. Learn about UI texts, images, world space UI, mobile specific UI and much more here.Key FeaturesDevelop a game UI with both technical and aesthetic considerationsUse all the UI elements provided by Unity's UI systemStep-by-step examples of creating user interface components present in the top game genresBook DescriptionFor a great game, it needs a great user interface that shows the game settings and the right information to the player. Unity allows you to create complex and great looking user interfaces to give your games that professional look and feel.This book will help you realize the full potential of the powerful Unity UI system to create the best UI for your games.You will master Unity's UI system by walking through the creation of many different user interface components.You'll learn how to create visually engaging heads-up-displays, pause menus, health bars, circular progress bars, animated menus, and so much more. You'll not only learn how to lay out the visual elements, but you'll also learn how to program for these features and hook them in to your game. The code you create within this book will be reusable for many other projects!While working through the examples provided, you'll learn how to develop a UI that scales to multiple screen resolutions so that your game can be developed on many different platforms with minimal changes.What you will learnDesign principles and patterns for laying out elements in your UITechniques that allow your UI to scale appropriately in different resolutionsHow to use canvases, panels and layoutsProperties of the event systemAccess the components and properties of the UI elements via codeImplement all of Unity's UI elementsDevelop key UI components that can be used in multiple game genresAdd visual flare to user interfaces with the use of animation and particle effectsCreate a UI that displays in the Screen Space as well as World SpaceWho This Book Is ForThis book anyone looking to improve their games through a great user interface with Unity's UI system. If you're looking for a book that explains how to develop specific user interfaces or a book that thoroughly explains how each of the individual Unity components work, this book is for you.

Author: Dr. Ashley Godbold

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