MS Access 2013 Pure SQL: Real, Power-Packed Solutions For Business Users, Developers, And The Rest Of Us

The first goal of this book is to provide the power user and database professional with SQL solutions to problems they face in the business working environment. To achieve this, the author uses his experience from the myriad of projects he participated for almost twenty five years. He also follows user newsgroups where multiple business problems are posted. It is a pragmatic book that will show you how to calculate discounted sales volumes based on revenue volumes, how to calculate employee commissions based on their sales, how to update multiple product prices from multiple suppliers conditionally, or how to find products with prices above the average product price. The book will not waste your time by repeating "in a beautified form" what is in the help file; it is intended to help you with your time, not waste it. The second goal of this book is to help people who want to learn SQL from the ground up. For this reason the author included in the beginning of each chapter simple but not simplistic theory so that the novice can be gradually introduced to the concepts of practical SQL and become an expert. If you need to teach SQL for Access in a class environment, you might want to consider the book "MS Access 2013 SQL Comprehensive" from the same author. Pindaro, is currently a faculty member in the School of Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His exciting relationship with databases started with DBase III back in 1991, continuing with all versions of Access since early 1993, and working with MS SQL Server, MySQL, and IBM DB2 for a number of years. He is still in love with all of them. After almost twenty five years, he still works with data, information processing, integration, and dissemination. Pindaro is always available for help at He loves responding to questions.

Author: Dr. Pindaro E Demertzoglou

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