25 Corrected exercises in Transact SQL

Hi, I hope you are well. In this lab we will even different type of database query for you exercise well and understand the language Transact SQL.Note:This lab is tested under the Database Management System (DBMS) MySQL.Do not forget to leave me a comment šŸ˜‰ Thanksthese are the queries:1.Create the database Ā«command_managementĀ».2.Create the tables with Data integrity.3.Insert the data in the tables.4.Add the column "postal_code" type Ā«bigintĀ» in the customer table.5.Change the column type Ā«postal_codeĀ» of type Ā«intĀ».6.Delete the column Ā«postal_codeĀ».7.Change the city of the customer (customer number = 110); Now he lives in the Ā«DallasĀ».8.List of all customers.9.customers List live in Ā«New YorkĀ».10.Number of customers by city.11.First and last name customer, combined in a column named Ā«Full NameĀ».12.Customers List with the name that contains the letter Ā«aĀ».13.Customers List with name beginning with Ā«aĀ».14.List of customers sorted by last_name.Ascending 15.List of clients aged over 40 years.16.The number of customers in our database.17.List of command in the month of December.18.List of command past between 2016/01/01 and 2016/11/20.19.The first command.20.Client List did not past command.21.List of customers who past command.22.customer past command with the number of command.23.Customer who past an command that contains the highest quantity.24.Create a view that displays the total price of all command.25.Create a view that displays the price controls of the month of January.see alsoThe technical language Transact SQL (MySQL) :https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LDB3934

Author: Olivoy

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