.NET Core 2.0 By Example

Key FeaturesBridge the gap between "learning" and "doing" and improve your software development skillsCovers the best practices of .NET development to improve your productivityExample-based approach to get you started quickly with software programmingBook DescriptionToday we live in a global world with a myriad of tools and technology options that we only dreamed of in the past. Many of us, as developers and architects, are always exploring and thinking of new ways to make better and smarter solutions. Earlier, the differences of target platforms used to be a major road block, but that's not the common case now. This book will take you on a wonderful and exciting journey to building better software with the .NET Core 2.0 framework at the center of it.This book strives to bring fresh and relevant content around .NET Core 2.0 in a succinct format that makes the reading experience nurturing and enjoyable. It also delivers the concepts in a logical and simple way, as well as the implications, design decisions, and potential pitfalls when targeting Linux and Windows systems.In this book, we will work on five working projects: a multiplayer Tic Tac Toe game, a real-time chat application "LetsChat" for chatting, a Chat BOT, a microservices-based buying-selling application, and finally a Movie Booking application. They are covered over different chapters, with each chapter starting with a high-level overview of the content ahead, followed by the example application described in detail. At the end of each chapter, you will be proficient not only with the theory but also have a tangible component in the application that makes it easier and better to understand, already giving the heads up for the continuation in the following chapter.By the end of the book, you will have built five solid projects using all the tools and support provided by the .NET Core 2.0 framework.What you will learnExplore ASP.NET Core 2.0 and the tools available to build cross-platform applications from ground zeroIntegrate, host, and deploy web apps with the cloud (Microsoft Azure)Leverage the ncurses native library to extend console capabilities in .NET Core on Linux and learn how to interop with existing native codeReuse existing .NET Framework and Mono assemblies from .NET Core 2.0 applicationsDevelop real-time web application using ASP.NET CoreLean the differences between SOA and microservices and get started with microservices development using ASP.NET Core 2.0Get an introduction and walk-through of functional programming with F# and .NET Core

Author: Rishabh Verma

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