.Net Knowledge Book : Web Development with Asp.Net MVC, Azure and Entity Framework (Volume 4)

.Net Knowledge book This book is a melting pot of several articles about Asp.Net MVC, Azure, Entity Framework, JavaScript, CSS, C# and SQL. They are scenarios that happen in the everyday work of developers who use these technologies. They are divided into short articles that are easy to understand. This book is ideal for anyone with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft web stack who wants to learn more about how to deal with practical cases. This book includes articles written during 2016. It is volume 4 of a series of books that focus on real software developing problems. I strongly believe that the content of this book is a must for anyone who works with Microsoft Asp.Net in enterprise. Here are some subjects discussed in the book: Asp.Net MVC Localization in URL, C# Fluent API, MVC Routing, Azure, Application Insights, Azure Webjobs, Asp.Net MVC Bundle, 404 and fonts, Visitor Pattern, Http and Https, Performance with Asp.Net MVC Razor, Bootstrap, Azure CronJobs, Analytics Feature, Azure DNS Zone, Visual Studio, C# Circuit Breaker Pattern, Context Menu, AutoMapper, Continuous Integration, Open-Source, Create Nuget Package, DevOps, Microsoft Band, Post-mortem of a project, Redis, Data Annotation, Unit Testing, Repository and Accessor Pattern, Authentication, Lz4net Compression, Complex Object, TypeScript, React First Impression, MsTest with localization, Diagnostic slow code, Improve Visual Studio Speed, Deployment on Azure and Azure Slots.

Author: Patrick Desjardins

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