Professional ASP.NET Web Services with VB.NET

Please note this is a VB.NET version of our existing book Professional ASP.NET Web Services ISBN 1-86100-545-8 This book will show you how to create high quality Web Services using ASP.NET. It describes the standards that are core to the Web Services architecture and examines how these standards are integrated into ASP.NET. The processes involved in building and consuming Web Services are discussed along with in-depth code examples. The book concludes with three case studies, each examining a different application of Web Services, and presenting a complete solution. XML-based Web Services are seen by many as the next big step in the progress of distributed computing. Promotion by a range of companies across the computing industry is creating a lot of interest in this emerging set of technologies and standards. Microsoft is one of the leading advocates, building support for Web Services into ASP.NET. This book covers: - Building and consuming Web Services in ASP.NET - Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) - Web Services Description Language (WSDL) - Discovering Web Services with UDDI - Exposing data sources through Web Services - Performance techniques - Securing Web Services - Transactional Web Services - .NET My Services (Hailstorm)

Author: Andreas Eide

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