Professional VB.NET 2003

What is this book about? Microsoft considers Visual Basic.NET to be the language of choice for applications where developer productivity is a top priority. It offers you the ability to program against the .NET Framework, and the most recent version includes tools for programming today's hot mobile applications. This code-laden reference covers VB.NET 2003 from start to finish. These pages help you discover how to apply object-oriented concepts in design and development to create effective business applications. You will be able to access data using ADO.NET, integrate VB.NET with XML, create both Windows applications and Web services, and much more. Finally, you explore best practices for deploying .NET applications and understand the power of VB.NET in development that targets the Internet as easily as the desktop. What does this book cover? Here are just a few of the things you'll discover in this book: * How to create new namespaces and import and alias existing namespaces within projects * Error-handling methods using the Try...Catch...Finally structure * How to work with data binding and update the underlying data source in Windows applications * Methods for developing multithreaded applications * How . NET Remoting is used to exchange serialized objects between clients and servers * The differences between Mobile Web and .NET Compact Framework applications Who is this book for? This book is for experienced developers who are making the transition to VB.NET or seeking a deeper understanding of the most common VB.NET programming tasks and concepts.

Author: Bill Evjen

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