Programming ASP.NET (O’Reilly Windows)

ASP.NET is the successor technology to Active Server Pages (ASP), the world?s most successful development environment for building server-side web applications. ASP.NET leverages the power of Microsoft?s new .NET platform to allow you to write dynamic, data-driven applications that run over the World Wide Web.In Programming ASP.NET, Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz teach you everything you need to know to write web applications and web service applications. The book focuses on ASP.NET development using both C# and Visual Basic .NET, and coding examples are presented in both languages.Programming ASP.NET includes a detailed tutorial on Web Forms, which, in conjunction with Visual Studio .NET, allow you to apply Rapid Application Development techniques (including drag-and-drop control placement) to web development. Programming ASP.NET includes extensive coverage of each type of server control, including Web server controls, HTML server controls, and custom controls.Since most web applications and web services involve retrieving data and returning it to a client browser, Programming ASP.NET also offers extensive coverage of data access issues. These include topics such as using ASP.NET's list-bound controls; accessing data using the ADO.NET object model, and updating data with or without transaction support.Programming ASP.NET also discusses such advanced topics as:Caching and performanceSecurityConfiguration and deploymentThe ASP.NET technologies are so complete and flexible; your main difficulty may lie simply in weaving the pieces together for maximum efficiency. Programming ASP.NET shows you how to do just that.

Author: Jesse Liberty

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