Programming in C#: Exam 70-483 (MCSD) Guide: Learn basic to advanced concepts of C#, including C# 8, to pass Microsoft MCSD 70-483 exam

Skill up for the Microsoft certification and enhance your software development career with C# programmingKey FeaturesPrepare for the certification using examples and mock tests with standard solutionsUnderstand data security concepts for secure programming with C#Learn to scale and optimize your application codebase using patterns and best practicesBook DescriptionProgramming in C#70-483 exam is Microsoft’s certification exam for programming in C# that evaluates your ability to use the power of C# in decision making and creating business logic. This C# certification guide will help you develop your problem-solving skills and crack Exam 70-483.Complete with extensive examples, this exam-oriented book covers of topics such as debugging and securing applications and managing the application code base, among many others. This book is full of scenarios that put your decision-making skills and knowledge of C# concepts to the test. You will learn how to develop business logic for a variety of application types in C#. This book delves into all the patterns necessary for Microsoft certifications and provides practical solutions to challenges curated by Microsoft-certified authors.By the end of this book, you’ll have experience solving real-world application development problems with C# and be able to apply your newly learned skills to pass the Microsoft certification exam.What you will learnExplore multi-threading and asynchronous programming in C#Create event handlers for effective exception handlingUse LINQ queries for data serialization and deserializationManage filesystems and understand I/O operationsTest, troubleshoot, and debug your C# programsUnderstand the objectives of Exam 70-483 and apply common solutionsWho this book is forIf you’re a C# developer who wants to become a Microsoft specialist, this C# Microsoft certification guide is for you. Basic knowledge of essential programming concepts is required.Table of ContentsBasic Structure of a C# ProgramUnderstanding Classes, Structures and InterfaceUnderstanding Object-Oriented ProgrammingImplementing Program Flow Creating and implementing events and callbacks Managing, Implementing Multithreading and Asynchronous processing Implementing Exception handlingCreating and Using Types in C#Manage the object life cycleFind, Execute, and Create Types at Runtime by Using ReflectionValidating application InputPerform symmetric and asymmetric encryption Managing Assemblies and Debugging ApplicationPerform I/O operations Using LINQ queriesSerialization and Deserialization of DataMock Test 1Mock Test 2Mock Test 3

Author: Simaranjit Singh Bhalla

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