Skip College, Start Programming: The Complete How-To Guide to Teaching Yourself Software Development

The world today is filled with technology that allows us to interact with nearly every aspect of ourlives. In this digital landscape, it’s no wonder that so many people have ideas for computerprograms. But contrary to what many professionals claim, creating apps and software doesn’trequire a degree in computer science. Anyone can learn how to code—and Sam Hinton canshow you how.Skip College, Start Programming is a comprehensive guide to mastering computer coding. In clear, easy-to- understand language, Hinton, an IT professional with over twenty years’ experience, takes you from A to Z on writing your first computer program, covering everything you need to know about software development, including the following:-The ins and outs of programming language, from semantics and syntax to C# and Java-The process of creating an application system, such as honing in on a program’s purpose and intended end user-The different kinds of programming, including console, Internet, and Windows-And much moreDon’t let anything stand in the way of making your technological dreams a reality. Bring your ideas to life with Skip College, Start Programming, and begin reaping the rewards now.

Author: Sam Hinton

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