SQL: Learn SQL in 24 Hours or Less – A Beginner’s Guide To Learning SQL Programming Now (SQL, SQL Programming, SQL Course)

Learn SQL In 24 Hours Or Less!In this book you will find practical tips and detailed instructions on how to learn the SQL language in just one day.This eBook will teach you the most important aspects of SQL. It will give you theoretical explanations, realistic examples, actual syntax and lots of codes. If you're looking for a comprehensive guide about the SQL language, this is the material you're looking for.By reading this book, you'll learn about a wide range of SQL-related topics:The different types of databasesHow to use SQL for a relational databaseThe different types of SQL commandsHow to create a databaseHow to give/revoke account privileges to usersHow to create tables and columnsHow to customize columnsThe different data types in SQLHow to apply constraints on tables and columnsHow to work with related tablesHow to enter new information into a databaseYou can certainly benefit from this eBook even if you have never programmed anything before. This eBook will teach you the basics of SQL programming and give you the syntax of important SQL commands. If you want to become a skilled SQL programmer in just 24 hours, get this eBook now and read it carefully.In addition you will find inside:Fundamental Concepts Regarding SQL And DatabasesOThe Environment Of The SQL LanguageHow To Generate And Modify TablesHow To Ensure Data IntegrityHow To Create An SQL ViewDatabase SecurityAnd Much, Much More...Get Your Copy Right Now!

Author: Robert Dwight

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