SQL Server 2016 Design & Programming

Advance your career with SQL Server 2016 database design and T-SQL programming. When you will learn this book, you will also know SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 since the book has frequent version references. Design your own relational database and develop your own Transact-SQL code for querying, modifying, managing & administering data in Microsoft SQL Server 2016. You will learn data management both through visual interface and writing T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, user-defined functions & triggers. Chapters at a glance: SQL Server 2016 New Features CHAPTER 1: SQL Server Sample & System Databases CHAPTER 2: Installing SQL Server 2016 CHAPTER 3: Structure of the SELECT Statement CHAPTER 4: SQL Server Management Studio CHAPTER 5: Basic Concepts of Client-Server Computing CHAPTER 6: Fundamentals of Relational Database Design CHAPTER 7: Normal Forms & Database Normalization CHAPTER 8: Functional Database Design CHAPTER 9: Advanced Database Design Concepts CHAPTER 10: The Art of Database Design CHAPTER 11: New Programming Features in SS 2012 & 2014 CHAPTER 12: JOINing Tables with INNER & OUTER JOINs CHAPTER 13: Basic SELECT Statement Syntax & Examples CHAPTER 14: Subqueries in SELECT Statements CHAPTER 15: SELECT INTO Table Creation & Population CHAPTER 16: Modify Data - INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE & MERGE CHAPTER 17: The Magic of Transact-SQL Programming CHAPTER 18: Exporting & Importing Data CHAPTER 19: Maintaining Data Integrity in the Enterprise CHAPTER 20: Query & Stored Procedure Optimization CHAPTER 21: Advanced T-SQL Programming Topics CHAPTER 22: In-Memory OLTP APPENDIX A: Job Interview Questions APPENDIX B: Job Interview Answers INDEX of SQL Server 2016 Design & Programming

Author: Kalman Toth M.A. M.PHIL.

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