Sql: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To SQL Programming – Learn SQL In Just 24 Hours Or Less! (SQL Course, SQL Development, SQL Books)

SQL The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To SQL Programming - Learn SQL In Just 24 Hours Or Less! When it comes to designing for the web many people have the dream of creating the next million dollar web page. They think that they can use a few tools and build the next Facebook or Twitter. Well with the information contained in this book you won’t be able to do that but you will have a good understanding of web technologies in particular MySQL. In this book we will introduce you to MySQL as well as some great tools you can download for free that will allow you to develop databases and entire web sites on your computer. We will introduce you to MySQL and through simple language give you the foundation you need to advance to more complicated projects. If you have ever used or try to use books explaining MySQL before and are just confused as hell don’t worry this book is totally different. I explain everything that you need to know and give you pictures, descriptions and even sample code you can use to get started. We will even create a simple web form that will employee or user information. You can then take this and expand on it to create your very own databases. So if you are tired of being confused and just reading books that give you garbage information you need to read this book. It won’t get you building the next Facebook but it will give you the understanding and tools to start building something that one day may turn into the next big thing.

Author: Austin Spencer

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