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Beginning Dynamic Websites with ASP.NET Web Matrix

With this book and Web Matrix, you’ll be developing your own powerful ASP.NET websites in no time. We’ll start at the beginning, learning how to create graphical web pages in Web Matrix. Then we’ll use Visual Basic .NET and databases to add the dynamic features usually seen in expensive commercial websites. We’ll finish by looking at some …

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Professional ASP.NET Web Services with VB.NET

Please note this is a VB.NET version of our existing book Professional ASP.NET Web Services ISBN 1-86100-545-8 This book will show you how to create high quality Web Services using ASP.NET. It describes the standards that are core to the Web Services architecture and examines how these standards are integrated into ASP.NET. The processes involved in building and …

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Beginning VB.NET, Second Edition

Visual Basic .NET is the latest version of the most widely used programming language in the world, popular with professional developers and complete beginners alike. This book will teach you Visual Basic .NET from first principles. You’ll quickly and easily learn how to write Visual Basic .NET code and create attractive windows and forms for the users of …

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