Unity 5.X 2D Game Development By Example – Second Edition

Key FeaturesCreate great 2D games that can run on desktops and mobile devicesLeverage the complete Unity 5.5 2D toolkit, along with its latest new additions and practical examples, and build games from scratchMake the most of the Unity 2D animation and effects tool and the physics and particle system generators.Book DescriptionIf you are new to Unity and want to start off by creating amazing 2D games from scratch, then this is the resource for you. 2D games are back in fashion; if you want to be a part of the latest trend and create 2D games with the amazing Unity 5 2D toolset, then this book is perfect for you. Unity 5.5 (June 2016) will mean lots of ground-breaking changes in the 2D toolkit.This book will be the ideal resource and will take you through the major new changes such as the Slice Sprite, Atlas Manager, masking, tile maps, the new NavMesh workflow and bake API, the sequencer, new graphical shading techniques, and so on. You will also learn these by creating games from scratch, which is the best possible way to learn these features. In this book, you will learn how to create six different 2D games from scratch. The games increase in complexity as the book progresses. The first game you will create will take you from literally a blank page to a basic 2D game. You will also learn to play around with the basic Unity 2D toolset. Then we will move on to more complex games such as a 2D FPS game, a classic arcade game, and a fast sports game resembling some of the games from the Stick Games franchise. In the process you will learn how to utilize lighting, shaders and effects, animation tools, particles systems, and collision tools.This book will also take you through the famous Unity physics engine that will enable you to create mesmerizing 2D games. Finally, we will combine all the skills learned in this book to create a challenging game combining all the concepts we have introduced.What you will learnThe Unity 3D user interface.2D tools included with Unity 3D.Textures, Sprites, and the 2D user interface.Develop simple interface and control schemes in C#.Create great 2D games that are fun, challenging, engaging, and rewarding.About the AuthorGlen Rhodes is one of those people who do a lot of different things. He is comfortable with both technology and creativity. As a result, he enjoys techno-creative things such as game development and music composition using computers and the latest sound libraries. He is also:A big fan of Unity 3D and game development.The tech director of Cartilage Inc., in Toronto, Ontario.An Adobe Flash coder and experimenter.A Game programmer, writing games in Unity 3D, Flash, C, C++, C#, VB, and others for many. A music producer, composer, pianist, performer and just about everything musical. I started out when I was four or five. Many years later, I wrote music for the Oprah Winfrey show, for the show’s last 5 seasons.Ultimately, doing what I love. I’ve been making games since I was about 11, and professionally since I was 19, with my first game job creating games for the Sony Playstation.The author or co-author of about a dozen Flash books; most of them on game programming, and a few on Flash in general.The author of several magazine articles for various magazines such as Web Designer, Practical Web Projects, and more.A speaker at several Flash conferences in various parts of the world, on many Flash-specific topics, mostly game-related.A new father; my daughter has brought a new definition to my life.

Author: Glen Rhodes

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