Unity Game Development Scripting

Write efficient C# scripts to create modular key game elements that are usable for any kind of Unity projectAbout This BookWrite customizable scripts that are easy to adjust to suit the needs of different projectsCombine your knowledge of modular scripting elements to build a complete gameBuild key game features, from player inventories to friendly and enemy artificial intelligenceWho This Book Is ForIf you are new to Unity scripting and want to learn simple and modular code and advance your knowledge to the next level, this is the book for you.What You Will Learn Include controls for both keyboard/mouse and the gamepad Create three different types of expandable items Implement an inventory that includes a hot key system Optimize your game's video and audio options Integrate a GUI HUD with buttons, health bars, and damage reports Make a complex AI system Save game data in multiple styles Track player statistics and scores In DetailThe intuitive and powerful Unity game engine is one of the most widely used and best loved packages for game development. Unity scripting is an essential but challenging skill to master in order to create custom game elements. Learning modular scripting allows you to rewrite as little code as possible as you deploy your scripts to multiple projects and work easier, quicker, and more efficiently than before.In each chapter of this book, you'll learn how to script new game elements. Beginning with making custom controls for the keyboard and mouse, as well as the Xbox 360 Controller, you'll then get to grips with more complex systems such as inventory, data saving, and artificial intelligence. As you create these elements, you'll also learn how to make your scripts simpler and easy to use. This will allow drag-and-drop deployment, which is to be used by designers and nonprogrammers. Finally, you'll combine all of your newfound skills to create your own complete game project.

Author: Kyle D'Aoust

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