Unity Game Development: Short and easy guide from the very beginning

Do you need to venture into game development? If yes, this is the right book for you. It guides you on how to develop games using the Unity platform. The author begins by guiding you on how to get started with the Unity platform by installing it. The basic elements of the Unity platform and games have been discussed. You have then been guided on how to create the graphical user interface (GUI) for your game. You will know how to add the inbuilt game objects to the game scenes. You will also know how to import your own images and use them in your game. Once the user interface for the game has been created, the objects should be made to do something by interacting with the other elements in the scene. The author guides you on how to write the code instructing the objects to do this. You will also know how to handle collisions between the various elements of the game. You will learn from this book: Getting Started with Unity Basics of Unity Basic Game Elements Unity 3D Rigidbodies Physics Components Adding C# Script Moving Game Objects with C# Handling Collisions Subjects include: unity guide, unity game programming, unity 3d games, unity, unity game kindle, unity game design, unity 3d programming, unity 3d game development, game development with unity, game design, 3d games.

Author: Max Lemann

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