Murach’s ASP.NET Web Programming with VB.NET

There is no faster or better way to learn ASP.NET web programming using Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET than to use this book. To get you off to a fast start, the first 5 chapters show you how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to design, code, and test multi-page web applications that use view state, session state, cookies, database data, and code-behind files. From there, you learn even faster as you master the core professional skills like HTML, server controls, validation controls, state management, and user controls. Then, you learn how to use the best ADO.NET features for working with a database in a web application including: connection pooling, data commands, parameterised queries, caching, data views, command builders, and the Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid controls. Last, you learn how to apply the finishing touches to a web application: security, web services, custom server controls, reports generated by Crystal Reports, email, and deployment.

Author: Doug Lowe

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