VB. NET Language in a Nutshell (2nd Edition)

With the release of the Microsoft .NET platform comes a new version of Visual Basicdramatically unlike its predecessors. So extensive are the changes, in fact, thatsome VB programmers argue that Visual Basic .NET is an entirely new programminglanguage. In the updated second edition of this popular book, you will find completedocumentation for the Visual Basic .NET language.Beginning with a brief overview of the language, VB.NET Language in aNutshell covers basic programming concepts, and introduces the .NET FrameworkClass Library and programming with attributes. The bulk of the book consists of analphabetical reference to Visual Basic .NET statements, procedures, functions, andobjects. Each entry has a standardized listing containing the followinginformation:Its syntax, using standard coding conventionsDifferences in the operation of the keyword in Visual Basic .NETand in VB 6.0A list of arguments accepted by the function or procedureA description of the data type returned by a functionThe finer points of a language element?s usage that are oftenomitted from or blurred over by other sourcesTips and warnings that include undocumented behaviors and practicalapplications for particular language elementsAn invaluable section for diagnosing or avoiding potentialprogramming problemsA cross-reference to related keywordsOn the CD-ROM (included with print edition of the book) is a plug-in that adds acopy of the book's language reference to the dynamic help within Visual Studio .NET.The plug-in requires any edition of Visual Basic .NET or Visual Studio .NET.No matter how much experience you have programming with VB, you want this bookclose by, both as a standard reference guide and as a tool for troubleshooting andidentifying programming problems.

Author: PhD Steven Roman

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