Visual Studio 2015 Cookbook – Second Edition

Key FeaturesGet to grips with all the new Visual Studio 2015 features regardless of your preferred programming languageApply Visual Studio to all areas of development: writing, debugging, and application lifecycle maintenanceStraightforward and hands-on advice for building both Windows and Android appsBook DescriptionVisual Studio 2015 is the premier tool for developers targeting the Microsoft platform. Learning how to effectively use this technology can enhance your productivity while simplifying your most common tasks, allowing you more time to focus on your project. Visual Studio 2015 is packed with improvements that increase productivity, and this book walks you through each one in succession to help you smooth your workflow and get more accomplished. From customization and the interface to code snippets and debugging, the Visual Studio upgrade expands your options ― and this book is your fast-track guide to getting on board quickly.Visual Studio 2015 Cookbook will introduce you to all the new areas of Visual Studio and how they can quickly be put to use to improve your everyday development tasks. With this book, you will learn not only what VS2015 offers, but what it takes to put it to work for your projects.What you will learnCustomize the editor's new abilities to fit your development styleCreate apps for WindowsUse Visual Studio to debug parallel and concurrent programsIntegrate .NET Framework 4.6 effectivelyPut TypeScript to work in your web applicationsDevelop modern C++11 with Visual Studio 2015Protect and manage your source code with Team Foundation ServerAbout the AuthorJeff Martin has been a contributing writer for InfoQ ( for over four years, focusing on .NET and Microsoft-based platforms. Experienced in writing, testing, and designing software, he enjoys learning about new technologies and explaining them to a broader audience. You can follow his work at InfoQ as .NET lead editor.Table of ContentsExploring Visual Studio 2015Getting Started with Universal Windows Platform AppsWeb Development.NET Framework DevelopmentDebugging Your .NET ApplicationAsynchrony in .NETUnwrapping C++ DevelopmentWorking with Team Foundation Server 2015LanguagesFinal Polish

Author: Jeff Martin

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