VisualBasic .NET For Dummies

Would you like to write Windows programs but don’t know where to start? Visual Basic. NET, the latest distribution of Microsoft’s programming language was designed to let anybody—even people with no prior programming experience—create sophisticated programs with stunning user interfaces, quickly and easily. A true marvel of computing technology, Visual Basic .NET combines BASIC, the only programming language specifically designed to teach beginners how to program, with a completely intuitive drawing program that lets you create cool user interfaces without having to write a single line of code. Written by computer book author and well-known stand-up comic Wallace Wang, Visual Basic .NET For Dummies offers you a fun and easy way to master VB .NET programming. Featuring crystal-clear explanations along with dozens of working examples, it gives you what you need to tap the power of Visual Basic .NET.  In no time you’ll: Design a user interface Create pull-down menus Write programs on any scale—both large and small Debug your programs Write your own code Work with loops, subrouting, and decision commands Use object-oriented techniques in your programming Visual Basic .NET For Dummies was designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to start building Windows programs right away—not turn you into a computer scientist. To that end, it features hands-on, jargon-free coverage of the full range of practical VB .NET topics, including: Getting started and using the Visual Basic .NET interface Creating full-featured user interfaces Making menus--including pull-downs, submenus, growing menus, pop-up menus—and showing dialog boxes Writing BASIC code Making programs appear intelligent by using loops and decision commands Writing small subprograms and combining them to make large, robust programs Getting a handle on object-oriented programming Visual Basic .NET For Dummies is the pain-free way to get up to speed on Visual Basic programming and all the new features in Visual Basic .NET.

Author: Wallace Wang

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