WinRT Unleashed

Use WinRT to develop Windows 8 apps for all devices and form factors: apps with unprecedented levels of engagement, immersivity, cloud support, and social media integration!   WinRT Unleashed is a comprehensive guide to writing WinRT code for all experienced developers, architects, and project managers. Microsoft MVP Raffaele Rialdi draws on 20 years of Windows programming experience to illuminate all facets of WinRT development, hands-on. Rialdi first introduces the new runtime's architecture, and continues with detailed guidance on each core component. He bridges long-standing gaps between developers of native and managed code, and helps programmers who've previously relied primarily on high-level tools to "drill down" on the skills they need to take maximum advantage of WinRT and Win8.   You'll discover how to migrate smoothly from MFC libraries to XAML, and take advantage of innovations built into C++11 and other modern languages. Rialdi introduces WinRT's design goals, architecture, and new user experience… shows how to use WinRT with C++ extensions, JavaScript, and .NET Framework languages… helps you master key WinRT building blocks such as contracts and the security sandbox… guides you through handling WinRT storage, packaging apps for Windows Marketplace, creating custom components and hybrid applications, mastering new WinRT development best practices, and much more.

Author: Raffaele Rialdi

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