Xamarin 4.x Cross-Platform Application Development – Third Edition

Key FeaturesWrite native cross-platform applications with XamarinDesign user interfaces that can be shared across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using Xamarin.FormsThis step-by-step practical guide will teach you various strategies for cross-platform developmentBook DescriptionXamarin is a leading cross-platform application development tool used by top companies such as Coca-Cola, Honeywell, and Alaska Airlines to build apps. In version 4, there are significant updates to the platform including the release of Xamarin.Forms 2.0, and improvements have been made to the iOS and Android designers. With Xamarin being acquired by Microsoft, it is now a part of Visual Studio family.This book takes a step-by-step approach, teaching you how to build applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. We will walk you through a popular application, complete with a back-end web service and native features such as GPS location, camera, push notifications, and other core features. Additionally, you'll learn how to use external libraries with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms to create user interfaces. We also provide instructions for Visual Studio and Windows. This edition has been updated with new screenshots and detailed steps to provide you with a holistic overview of the new features incorporated in Xamarin 4.What you will learnUnderstand Apple’s MVC design patternGet to grips with the Android activity lifecycleShare C# code across platforms and call native Objective-C or Java libraries from C#Create a real web service back end in Windows Azure using SQL Azure as database storageSet up third-party libraries such as NuGet and Objective Sharpie in many different ways, and port a desktop .NET library to XamarinUse Xamarin.Mobile for camera, contacts, and locationAbout the AuthorJonathan Peppers is a Xamarin MVP and the lead developer of popular apps and games at Hitcents, such as Hanx Writer (for Tom Hanks) and the Draw a Stickman game franchise. He has been working with the C# programming language for over 10 years. He is also quite familiar with other technologies such as WPF, Unity3D, ASP.Net, and Windows Azure. In recent years, Hitcents has been heavily investing in mobile development with Xamarin and has developed over 50 mobile applications with Xamarin across multiple platforms.

Author: Jonathan Peppers

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