Xamarin.Forms Projects: Build 8 real world cross-platform mobile apps with C# and Xamarin.Forms 3

Develop and build cross-platform applications using Xamarin.Forms 3Key FeaturesExplore SQLite through Xamarin to store locations for various location-based applications Make a real-time serverless chat service by using Azure SignalR serviceBuild Augmented reality application with the power of Xamarin.Forms UI toolkitsBook DescriptionXamarin.Forms is a lightweight cross-platform development toolkit for building applications with rich design.The book will start with building projects that explains configuring Xamarin.Forms for your ecosystem to get you started with building cross-platform applications. The book will be going up in difficulty-level of the projects making you learn the nitty-gritty of Xamarin.Forms offerings. You will gain insight into the architecture and how to arrange your app's design, where to begin developing, what pitfalls exist, and how to avoid them. The book will contain 8 real-world projects, intending to get you hands-on with building rich UI and providing truly cross-platform experience. It will also guide you on how to setup a machine for Xamarin app development. To start off; you will be building a simple To-Do application that gets you going. The book will then dive deep into building advanced apps like messaging platform, games, intelligent assistant, to building UI for augmented reality project.At the end of the book, you will get confident in building cross-platforms and fitting it Xamarin.Forms toolkits in your app development. You will be able to take the practice from this book in building applications complying to your requirement.What you will learnLearn how to set up a machine for Xamarin developmentGet to know about MVVM and data bindings in Xamarin.FormsUnderstand image processing using Core Image and Android Graphics through custom renderers and effectsDiscover Geolocation services through Xamarin EssentialsCreate an abstraction of ARKit and ARCore to expose as a single API for the game Get knowledge about how to train a model for image classification with Azure Cognitive Services Understand how to package and publish iOS, Android and UWP appsWho This Book Is ForThe book is for mobile application developers who want to start building native mobile apps and use the knowledge that they already have. Working knowledge of C#, .NET and Visual Studio is required.

Author: Johan Karlsson

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